No secrets Part 1

       Yesterday,  I was driving home from work and turned on the radio. Needing some inspiration I scanned through the stations, stopping on the gospel station.  A  young woman had written the station saying that she needed some help on a decision she wanted to make. The young woman started college and wanted to join a sorority( the name of such club was not… Read more »

The Proof is in the pudding

But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry. 2Timothy 4:5               I have a couple of high goals as it pertains to writing this blog. At the top of the list important to me is reliability. With every blog or whatever I write, I want to stop and… Read more »


We’ve all been there. We’re watching our favorite cartoon or even a local news station. When all of a sudden the screen turns a light hint of  gray. We are awakened to three consecutive beeps. A mans voice shrouded in static then tells us we are witnessing a monthly “Emergency Warning” check. In the event of a… Read more »

Bible Challenge

Challenge #1 – A Bible Quiz      How many books are there in the whole Bible?      How many books are there in the Old Testament?      How many books are there in the New Testament?      In which Testament would you look for the Sermon on the Mount?      In which Testament would you… Read more »

What’s Happening at God’s Miracle Church

What’s Happening at God’s Miracle Church Praise The Lord! God is amazing.  He is true to His word and we are forever grateful.  We marvel at God’s goodness, mercy and grace as He guides our footsteps to our new Church home. In this edition of GMConnection, Youth Pastor Sheila Marsh provides insight in understanding Today… Read more »


by Shauneal Bobb   Instead of making a resolution Why not make a contribution Contribute to His words Which will accord Open your mind to a world that is not yet known Because you will be blown His words are alive Which cannot be deprive When making a resolution Make one that can be a… Read more »

Healthy Living 2014

Healthy Living 2014  If there is one word that describes chicken, it is versatility. Roasted, broiled, grilled or poached, and combined with a wide range of herbs and spices, chicken makes a delicious, flavorful and nutritious meal. It is no wonder chicken is the world’s primary source of animal protein and a healthy alternative to… Read more »

Today You Will Be With Me In Paradise

Today you will be with Me in Paradise Luke 23:39-43  Hanging on either side of the Lord on their own deserved crosses were two evil doers. Both of them even though hanging and dying, coming near to the end of their wretched life only to face God in judgment upon their death joined in with… Read more »

Healthy Living – Summer 2013

Eight Diet and Exercise Mistakes That Age You     Alternative Treatments for Arthritis:                Do arthritis aches and pains have you down? These complementary and alternative therapies may help. How To Remove Water Marks On Wood Using Mayonnaise How Body Shape Affects Diabetes Risk   Don’t Get Ripped Off By… Read more »

Grace Filled Path

Keep my eyes darkness, I’ve stumbled on a grace filled path.   My own tools, I no longer reach for. My drums, I no longer care to beat.   For I am still in God’s water, that are caressing my once sore, bare feet   And I have come to see more clearly, not blinded… Read more »