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Please Understand

Please Understand Please understand. I’m hurting. I can only take it one moment at a time. I don’t mean to be Mean or impatient with you. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do. I’m trying to be normal in the midst of this pain. My old life, when things were simple, I’m trying to… Read more »

Jesus Is Coming!!!

Jesus Is Coming!!!!!!!                     Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis.                     Ice Slides, Mudslides, Fires and Floods.                     Right called wrong and Wrong called right.                     Hearts have grown cold and are as black as the night.                     Murders in the streets no regard for human life.                     Mother’s against daughters. Fathers against sons.                     Where is… Read more »

The Poet’s Desk

GOD’S LOVE by Shauneal Bobb We don’t touch or feel his wonderful grace, But his love for us that’s what we embrace. We don’t need to be rich or poor, All we need his to walk on his floor. We may lose our faith, But sometimes we just have to wait. His love for us… Read more »

The Poet’s Desk

Shining like the stars Heaven opens up Angels singing “Holy Night” Utensil wouldn’t be needed Nor supplies Everything will fall in place, if you don’t know just ask the Angels they will tell you who the Lord is and what He is capable of Can you really buy an essay

The Poet’s Desk

Scared and Shy by Shauneal Bobb I always had been scared and shy, But I always wanted to be a writer. My fear kept growing so does my faith, But now I’m in God’s Miracle Church standing and facing my audience. My legs start shaking, I feel like fainting. I stood there clueless, I start expressing… Read more »