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A Little Closer Look At Stewardship

A Little Closer Look At Stewardship Greetings, in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, In keeping with focus God has give us this year in our Women’s Fellowship gatherings, we are going to briefly examine and remind the Saints of God how important the practice of good stewardship is to God…. Read more »

Pastor’s Corner

Greetings to all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I am speaking to you today about rest for your tired soul. If you are trying to lighten your load in life, the last thing you do is to take on something new and something heavy.  But that is exactly what it takes to find the… Read more »

Pastor’s Corner

My Co-Laborers in the Lord, May God bless you all. Yes, I pray that God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ will give each of you His fullest blessings and His peace in your hearts and your lives. All my prayers for you are full of praise to God! When I pray for you… Read more »

Please Understand

Please Understand Please understand. I’m hurting. I can only take it one moment at a time. I don’t mean to be Mean or impatient with you. Sometimes I just don’t know what to do. I’m trying to be normal in the midst of this pain. My old life, when things were simple, I’m trying to… Read more »

Jesus Is Coming!!!

Jesus Is Coming!!!!!!!                     Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis.                     Ice Slides, Mudslides, Fires and Floods.                     Right called wrong and Wrong called right.                     Hearts have grown cold and are as black as the night.                     Murders in the streets no regard for human life.                     Mother’s against daughters. Fathers against sons.                     Where is… Read more »

Set Your Sight On Things Above

Set Your Sight On Things Above The Good News Bible           Matthew 6:31- So do not start worrying; Where will my food come from?  Or my drink?  Or my clothes?  These are things the pagans are always concerned about. Your Father in heaven knows that you need all things. Instead be concerned about everything else… Read more »

How Should We Treat Other Christians?

How is it that when you have something against another Christian, you “go to the law”? And ask a heathen court to decide the matter instead of taking it to other Christians to decide which of you is right.  Don’t you know that some day we Christians are going to judge and govern the world?… Read more »

Special Angels

Special Angels Do you treasure your Angels? I know everyone answered yes Well, listen to me a little longer I’ll share with you a daily test Do you listen to your elders With your heart and not just your ears? Do you hear what they are saying With their knowledge and their tears? Do you… Read more »


Blooming You go thru life With your eyes on the sparow The road is rough And most times narrow You fall down but get back up With bumps and bruises and all messed up You have victory That much is clear But keep the devil is a liar So keep God near Cause “boom” in… Read more »