You go thru life

With your eyes on the sparow

The road is rough

And most times narrow

You fall down but get back up

With bumps and bruises and all messed up

You have victory

That much is clear

But keep the devil is a liar

So keep God near

Cause “boom” in a blink of an eye

Tragedy is here

You’re caught of guard

World spinning around

Satan lying in your ear

Saying you don’t have solid ground

You don’t believe him

Your actions say different


God loves us so much

He gave His only begotten Son

What are you doing

Don’t you know the victory is won

You get back up

Revived and reborn

No you are not the same

God has moved you on

He sent His angels

To help you hear His voice

Not going to let you go

Don’t you know you are God’s choice



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