The Poet’s Desk – Winter 2011


                                            by Shauneal

As she kneeled beside her bed,

Praying to God to set her free,

Her parents yelled there’s no God.

So now she’s afraid to believe that there’s a God.

As her parents yelled stop believing,

Cause there’s no God.

She cried and cried asking God to help her,

And she knows that He is listening.

She asked God if He can make her parents believe in Him.

As days went by,

Her parents slowly started to hear God talking to them.

Saying I am your Father, your Healer, and your Provider.

You can do all things through Me.

As her parents start believing,

Things around them have changed.

They started to love their daughter even more,

Because of what she had believe in,

And she did not give up on God


God and Strawberries

                                             by Shauneal

May I compare You to strawberries?

Which is most lovely and delicious,

Rough winds do blow the sweet scent of berries.

Even though You move in a mysterious way,

We still worship Thy Name.

You answer all our prayers,

While we praise Thy Name.

You are not a liar,

So what You say must come to past,

That’s why we praise You.

Strawberries seems to be sweet,

But you My Lord are sweeter.

You are our healer and our provider,

That’s why we kneeled beside our bed,

And praise Your Name.


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