The Poet’s Desk

Scared and Shy

by Shauneal Bobb

I always had been scared and shy,

But I always wanted to be a writer.

My fear kept growing so does my faith,

But now I’m in God’s Miracle Church

standing and facing my audience.

My legs start shaking, I feel like fainting.

I stood there clueless,

I start expressing my thoughts and feelings,

among my audience.

I had finished,

My audience took a stand

and start clapping and cheering.

I took a bow for one second,

I had noticed my fear and shyness had vanished.

I stood tall and fearless,

among everything I had feared.

But now I’m ready to become a writer.

I’m facing the world on the television,

could this be a new beginning for me…

I wonder?

I stood with the world,

As the world stood beside me.


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