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Pastor’s Corner

Pastor’s Corner Praise the Lord Saints of God We know that we are in a spiritual battle.  Each and every day we when we get up we face fierce oppression from the enemy of our soul, Satan.  The Word of God tells us that Satan has come to wear the Saints of God down.  That’s… Read more »


What do you believe? Is the Bible true for you? Hebrews 11:1-7 Where is your faith today?  What are you doing to strengthen it?  Remember the Word of God says “Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God.  This doesn’t mean that you sit and listen to the Pastor every Sunday and expect… Read more »


   Jesus never asked us to do something He hasn’t done. His command to us to forgive one another comes not in word, but in action.  He accepted suffering and death by crucifixion rather than let us remain unforgiving. Even so, forgiveness remains difficult. We find ourselves offering superficial words of reconciliation to those who… Read more »


    What should God’s Holiness matter to us? God’s Holiness is His most essential quality It is more essential than His Love and justice Holy is the word that modifies everything else about God His Love is Holy Love His justice is Holy justice We cannot understand God’s Love until we understand His Holiness. Jesus… Read more »