What do you believe?

Is the Bible true for you?

Hebrews 11:1-7

Where is your faith today?  What are you doing to strengthen it?  Remember the Word of God says “Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God.  This doesn’t mean that you sit and listen to the Pastor every Sunday and expect your faith to grow.  In this walk with Jesus you have to do some things for yourself.  You must begin speak The Word of God to yourself.  God tells us that whatever we say out of mouth will come to pass.  Christians have become so complacent that we just sit around waiting for God to it all.  God has done all that He is going to do.  He sent His Son so that we will have the abundance of life.  Jesus said it is finished and left us with all authority.

It is up to us to take that authority and speak to the mountains in our lives.  Christians should be getting their prayers answered.  The Word of God says, “What so ever you ask in the Name of Jesus, if you believe you shall receive, if you do not doubt”.  Are you believing today or are you doubting?  Are you trusting in what your Heavenly Father says or are you believing what your enemy is showing you?  You have to choose this day who you will believe.  I choose to believe what the One who knows everything says.  God is not a man that He can lie nor the son of man that He needs to repent.

It is time for us to wholeheartedly trust in the One who loves us so much that He laid down His life for us.  He has not set us up to fail, but to be blessed.

What are you willing to do to walk in the blessings of God?

  • God is looking for some rusty knees
  • God is looking for some doers of the Word and hearers only
  • God is looking for some sold-out warriors

Are you ready to deliver?


God bless you

Pastor E. Ann Scott


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