A Glimpse

A Glimpse

The Lord is so gentle

The Lord is so kind.

And if you have a relationship

with Him.  We’ll be in the same mind.

You’ll spread His Word

by the way that you live.

You’ll teach His Word

by the way that you give.

And through the children and

love ones, He lends us in life

It is our duty to teach

them the price.

Know the price is high.

High as the eyes can see and more.

Really think about it.

Do you know what you’re living for?

Do you do what is right for others

and not what is best for you?

The devil is a liar.

So make sure your deeds are true.

Treat your love ones with truth.

That is dripping with love

And they will know the lessons

You’re giving are ordered from above.

Then think about your love ones

And how their love fills your heart.

And realize that that feeling is

Only a glimpse of how Jesus felt

about us from the start.



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