What’s happening at God’s Miracle Church? – Fall 2011

Praise the Lord!  Welcome to the 2011 Fall edition of GMConnect

What’s happening at God’s Miracle Church?

God continually blessess God’s Miracle Church.  This summer, The Word from our Pastors and guest speakers has been rich.  The sermons have been about temptation, being a true Christian, receiving revelation to steer clear of tribulation, we have an insurance policy in The Word, be vigilant/ be prepared and always be “dressed for success” with the full armor of God.   Truly the Agraphe, Logos and Rhema Word of God are wonderful!

God’s Miracle Church outreach ministries this summer have been a blessing as well.  God blessed our Backyard Cookouts, Family Movie Night, and Military and Public Service Appreciation Day.  We are truly thankful to all who were able to come and bless these programs to be a great success.   The Experience has been a joy as many have blessed us with their God given talents and we look forward to all that is to come.

In the GMConnect 2011 Fall edition, Sister Lynn has some wonderful tips and recipes to enjoy in the “Healthy Living” section.  From the “Pastor’s Corner”, Pastor Ann Scott gives us words to live in victory.  Beginning in this edition, please enjoy Sister Shauneal’s poetry from the “Poet’s Desk”.  Sister Janice, guest contributor, brings us information about The Experience.

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GMConnection is a quarterly publication. The next issue will be available December, 2011.  For more information, to submit an article, or to join our staff, please contact Linda Spellman at admin@gmc4me.org.


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