What’s Happening at God’s Miracle Church

What’s Happening at God’s Miracle Church

Praise The Lord!

God is amazing.  He is true to His word and we are forever grateful.  We marvel at God’s goodness, mercy and grace as He guides our footsteps to our new Church home.

In this edition of GMConnection, Youth Pastor Sheila Marsh provides insight in understanding Today you will be with Me in Paradise.  Sister Shauneal’s poem is inspiring.   Sister Lynn’s tips and recipes are useful to our everyday lives.   We have three challenges this time:  two Bible quizzes and a Bible acrostic.  Please submit your completed answers to the three challenges to enter in a drawing for a prize. Please turn all entries to Sister Linda Spellman by June 8, 2014.

The Marketplace is available to list items you wish to donate or may be on the lookout for a particular item. If you wish to place a classified ad, please email your ad information for posting to Sister Linda at info@gmc4me.org.  For more information, to submit an article, or to join our staff, please contact Linda Spellman at info@gmc4me.org .



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