Loving Arms for the Nation

Loving Arms for the Nations


Mission Statement

The purpose of this ministry is to glorify God, bring salvation and spiritual blessings to all people regardless of race, sex, or age. Our goal is to preach and teach the Full Gospel of Christ to win souls for God, to foster foreign and home missionary work.



Loving Arms For the Nations will be ministering The Word of God to the local churches and churches throughout the Nations as The Lord opens doors

Loving Arms for the Nations will be doing street ministry locally and throughout the nations as The Spirit leads.

Loving Arms for the Nations will take other ministers to ministry in order that all the Gifts of The Spirit are in operation as we organize Evangelistic Missions.

As we continue to grow and are blessed of The Lord we will be taking care of the physical needs of God’s people (i.e.  food, shelter, clothing).



Loving Arms for the Nations is defined as 007 Evangelism.  We are strictly a religious non-profit ministry.  Our Evangelistic Association is not a private foundation nor do we issue any capital stock.  We are not engaged in any business enterprise.

This organization does not conduct public fund-raising activities per se. We do not solicit the general public.  Loving Arms for the Nations believe that where God guides, He provides. We do not sell tickets to anything.

The funding for Loving Arms for the Nations come from those who believe in the same vision and have the same desire to see God’s Vision come to pass. This Ministry is financed by:  private individual’s contributions and offerings received in meetings. We simply pray and ask God to touch the heart of His people.

Our Evangelistic Association, Loving Arms for the Nations Ministry, has its own checking account. We keep financial records. Our accounting period ends December 31 of each year. The funds of this Evangelistic Association are not diverted to the benefit of any individual.  The funds are used for payment for actual services rendered such as Evangelist salary or private contractors. The Evangelist will receive part of her support from this ministry. The Funds of this ministry are also expended for printing, postage, office equipment, supplies and transportation.



Eleanor Ann Scott

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