Grace Filled Path

Keep my eyes darkness, I’ve stumbled on

a grace filled path.


My own tools, I no longer reach for. My drums,

I no longer care to beat.


For I am still in God’s water, that are

caressing my once sore, bare feet


And I have come to see more clearly,

not blinded by me, in my own way.


It was with my eyes in darkness, that

I was blinded by God’s Light.


And once His peace has landed, His grace

moved into my Soul.  His part in me, reminded

me, He has been my shining Knight.


I saw all storms that had landed causing

Still throughout my Life.          And


I saw clear, in still, you were my voice

in still, you were my mind

in still, you were my goodness, my heart

in still, you were my strength


So darkness keep my eyes, for I would rather

walk in earthly darkness, Just to live in the

Love of my heavenly Father’s light.






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