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What’s Happening at God’s Miracle Church

Praise The Lord!  God is always moving on our behalf.  We have so much to be thankful for here at God’s Miracle Church.  God keeps His promises.  Our responsibility is to wait.  And while we wait, continue to do the work God has called you to. In this edition of GMConnection, Pastor Linda Martin gives… Read more »

The Poet’s Desk – Summer 2013

Wisdom is… Wisdom is wise, Wisdom is strong, Wisdom is mighty, Wisdom is powerful, Wisdom is loved, Wisdom is caring, Wisdom is good, Wisdom is forever worship, Wisdom is Alfa and Omega, Wisdom is God. By Shauneal Bobb   He’s Forever… He’s forever wise, He’s forever strong, He’s forever mighty, He’s forever powerful, He’s forever… Read more »

Christian Sudoku Puzzles – Summer 2013

Christian Sudoku Puzzles – Summer 2013 With the initial values in the shape of a cross, the Christian can solve puzzles while being continually reminded of his savior. To keep the image of the cross visible while solving the puzzle, I recommend using a red pen Paid essays online

Pastor’s Corner – Summer 2013

My Co-Laborers in the Lord, May God bless you all. Yes, I pray that God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ will give each of you His fullest blessings and His peace in your hearts and your lives. All my prayers for you are full of praise to God! When I pray for you… Read more »

Pastor’s Corner – Summer 2012

Greetings to all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I am speaking to you today about rest for your tired soul. If you are trying to lighten your load in life, the last thing you do is to take on something new and something heavy.  But that is exactly what it takes to find the… Read more »

The Poet’s Desk – Summer 2012

GOD’S LOVE by Shauneal Bobb We don’t touch or feel his wonderful grace, But his love for us that’s what we embrace. We don’t need to be rich or poor, All we need his to walk on his floor. We may lose our faith, But sometimes we just have to wait. His love for us… Read more »