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New Beginning

New Beginning             The problem is sin.  We are not sinners because we sin; rather we sin because we are sinners.  Remember, the human heart is most deceitful of all things and desperately wicked.  Keep in mind Adam’s sin brought condemnation for everyone.  What do you say?  That is not fair.  Well, each one of… Read more »

Special Angels

Special Angels Do you treasure your Angels? I know everyone answered yes Well, listen to me a little longer I’ll share with you a daily test Do you listen to your elders With your heart and not just your ears? Do you hear what they are saying With their knowledge and their tears? Do you… Read more »


Blooming You go thru life With your eyes on the sparow The road is rough And most times narrow You fall down but get back up With bumps and bruises and all messed up You have victory That much is clear But keep the devil is a liar So keep God near Cause “boom” in… Read more »

A Glimpse

A Glimpse The Lord is so gentle The Lord is so kind. And if you have a relationship with Him.  We’ll be in the same mind. You’ll spread His Word by the way that you live. You’ll teach His Word by the way that you give. And through the children and love ones, He lends… Read more »