Healthy Living – 2011 Summer

GMC, it’s that time again!  Summer is approaching and the weather is getting hotter.  Therefore, take out those vibrant- colored summer plastic cups and add this tasty, quick and easy to fix drink to them.


Have you ever wondered why you gained a few pounds within a short period of time?  Do you think you gained weight because of lack of exercise?  Well, research has shown that your “job” may make you fat.  Check out this interesting article to see if your job is making you FAT.


Are you one of those people who turn their noses up to dairy products because you’re lactose intolerant?  Do you run out to the pharmacy and purchase products that would enable you to enjoy your favorite ice cream, cheese, or milk with cereal?  Italian researchers report that some people who think they are lactose-intolerant may actually suffer from a psychological condition known as somatoform disorder.





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